FRP Bio Septic Tank

The bio septic tank can become a crucial component in many households worldwide, positively impacting the environment. by shifting from a traditional septic tank to a bio septic tank, wastewater management becomes sustainable, more effective, and environment-friendly. at the same time, the bio septic tank is a pillar element of a biogas plant, whether we’re looking at domestic or industrial systems. without this tank, there can be no biogas production, as anaerobic digestion can only happen in a sealed environment that lacks oxygen.

Bio Septic Tank

Cost effective and Zero maintenance bio septic tank.

Let’s create a healthy and hygienic society, by re-thinking on our sewage and waste management.

Residential - Bio Septic Tank

We provide long term solution for all type of existing and new constructing residential properties

We have passionate team to work with our clients, Customers are our priority, the service which we provide them will always makes a difference, as we always see the problem from customer’s side

Commercial - Bio Septic Tank

We provide drainage facilities for Factories, Industries, Hotels, shopping Malls and Hospitals

Eco Friendly

Our products does not harm the nature in any circumstances.We use Bioclean Septic to make the septic tank eco-friendly

Customer Support

We continuously look for ways to improve the level of customer satisfaction.

Save Water

Bio Septic waste water treatment systems will efficiently recycle all wastewater as clear, odourless water to irrigate the garden.

Good Quality

We deliver good quality product to the customer.

Easy Installation

We have skilled team to install the tank easily and quickly.

Low Cost

Never worry about the cost, we provide cheapest bio septic tank in the market.

Odour Free

Eliminates foul odour by actively degrading sludge in bio septic tank.

Non Filling Tanks

No need to call lorry to clean your septic tank. As fossabio provides Easy, convenient and painless way of sewage disposal.